What We Do

At Focus4Hope we are always here to help. We proudly go above and beyond to provide support to all our service users, and we do it because we care. We care about our community, our staff, our volunteers, and all those who are in need. This all-encompassing compassion is the Focus4Hope promise.

Who does Focus4Hope support?

Focus4Hope Supports the homeless, the elderly, the vulnerable, refugees, and survivors of domestic abuse.

What does Focus4Hope do?

The following are our main services:

The Homeless

Focus4Hope hosts fortnightly homeless feeds in Leeds City Centre, and provides hygiene packs to homeless individuals all across West Yorkshire.

The Elderly

Focus4Hope host several days-out and miscellaneous events for the elderly, such as: bingo evenings, afternoon teas, and an annual Christmas meal. We also provide benefit support for them.

The Vulnerable: Focus4Hope Food Bank

Immediately upon hearing the news of the first national lockdown in 2020, Louise and the team set up the Focus4Hope Food Bank, which initially provided food parcels, prescription pick up services, and other essentials to frontline NHS workers, local elderly, those required to isolate, and disabled individuals.

Since its opening, the Focus4Hope Food Bank has continued to support hundreds of food-insecure or isolated individuals. As circumstances have shifted over the course of the pandemic, the food bank shifted along to meet the need.

Alongside the food bank project, Focus4Hope provides debt and money management services. These services are very often accessed by the same individuals who receive food parcels, which is part of our larger mission to help individuals become self-sufficient in the long term.

We also provide a befriending call service to all of our clients, with the goal of combating loneliness and isolation in our area


Several times a year the Focus4Hope team travels to a refugee camp in Calais, France in collaboration with local organisations and the Town Hall Foundation. Once there, we give out packs of food, clothing, and other essentials. Additionally, we assist the Town Hall Foundation, who provide much-needed dental care to the inhabitants of the camp.

Survivors of Domestic Abuse

We work with individuals and organisations in our local area to assist those who are fleeing domestic violence. We help these individuals with rehousing, (whether it be locally or at women’s shelters all across the UK,) and continue to support them by providing clothing, furniture, supplies, benefit assistance, food parcels, as well as training in financial management and general personal and professional development.

All of the above is only possible with the help of our incredible community. If you would like to be part of our mission to change lives, please consider donating, or volunteering with us.