Helping those in need in Leeds

It’s been an eventful evening in Leeds tonight. We have served up over 160 hot meals with lots of hot drinks, warm clothing, bags, hygiene packs and more. We met a vulnerable woman who had been put on a train by the police in London to simply pass the ‘problem’ on for someone else to sort. She was scared and knew no one, in a strange city. We were let down badly by our support services which failed to provide any help. Every room was taken.

Thank you to our fundraising and also a generous donation by Sharon our wonderful volunteer we managed to get her a hotel room. We got her checked in and she was beyond happy to sleep in a bed as she told us she hadn’t slept in one for 6 months. We gave her information to contact support tomorrow and she went off to her room gratefully. 

Other volunteers were supporting one of our homeless friends who was very unwell and unresponsive. We have again worked tirelessly to get him a bed secured. We had to take him to A&E to get assessed before he would be accepted. We left him being cared for by a fantastic nurse at LGI who thanked us for caring. Rachel told him he was loved and that he would be cared for which reassured him greatly. 

Thank you to everyone who supports us, Town Hall Dental who sponsor each feed event. Everyone who donates items, and as always our amazing team of volunteers. Thank you 

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