By the community, for the community: Focus4Hope expands to meet local needs.

We are in the middle of a crisis and our community is struggling to cope. The fallout from the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine have led to job losses, a rising cost of food and utilities which in turn are causing an increase in child poverty, anxiety, loneliness and depression. 

Focus4Hope is a local charity which is doing its utmost to support the local community. All of our activities, which support the lonely, isolated and vulnerable are in full swing, our senior days out are almost sold out until the end of the year, our homeless feeds are busier than ever and we have made the decision, given the current economic climate, to continue with our food bank.

However, now, more than ever, we have seen the need to support the local community in ways that reach beyond our current activities.  Our ambition is to create a new community resource in the heart of Brighouse which would bring together, in one place, many of the charity’s current activities and give opportunity for new ways for us to support the community. This will of course include the food bank which will expand to include an affordable surplus shop, we also plan to hold budgeting and debt relief support sessions to support this, as well as confidence building and back to work training activities, we will also expand to include a charity shop which will operate five days a week.

However, what we believe is key, is to begin operating a community drop in centre. This will be a safe and non-judgemental space where anyone can drop in for a (free) cuppa and a chat.  This could be people who are lonely and simply looking for some company, it could be those in need of support who then will need signposting to specific services, it could be the elderly who are struggling to cope with this online, automated world which they simply do not understand and need a helping hand.

”The number of food parcels given out in Yorkshire has  increased by 165% in the last 8 years from 58,939 food parcels in 2014/5 (including 20,732 for children) to 156,120. The number of children using food banks has increased by a faster rate with a 193% increase since 2014 to 60,840People are also having to choose whether to eat or heat.”

We need the support of our local businesses in order to be able to provide these services by helping us to meet the overheads that this  hub will inevitably incur.

Can your business help to support your community? Could you donate GBP200.00 a month? If just 20 local businesses do this, we can guarantee to support our local community through this cost of living crisis. Or, would you be able to sponsor an entire month, or could your business affiliate with and become our shop or food bank sponsor for the year?

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Reminiscent Cinema GBP200.00 per month.

Homeless Feed in Leeds GBP200.00 per outreach.

Charity Shop Sponsorship GBP1000.00 per month.

Community Hub Sponsorship GBP1000.00 per month.

For the Charity Shop and Community Hub sponsorship, each business will be featured for that month on the sign boarding outside the shop/hub, in a company specific blog post, on all of our social media channels (FB, LI, Insta and Twitter), there will be posters inside the hub, and we will feature your logo for a year on the supporters page on our website.

We would be more than happy for you to visit us and see first hand what we do, or come and meet you and tell you all about it in person.

Please do contact Focus4Hope to find out about sponsorship opportunities or arrange a time to chat!

Call: 01484 443979


We look forward to hearing from you.

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